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LEOs Caravelle by Tektalox
LEOs Caravelle
Here is fan-art of a sci-fi comic that deserves a little bit more recognition, especially here on DA. The comic I'm talking about is the Aldebaran/Betelgeuse/Antares/The Survivors-series written and drawn by the brazilian artist Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira (for short, Leo), with the series being about mankinds attempts to set up functioning colonies on earth-like planets.

This creature is a Caravelle, a reptilian herbivore native to Aldebaran-4, a planet covered mostly in deep oceans with a few small continents. Appearing like a sauropod combined with a hot-air balloon and a sailing ship, the beast stores helium in it's body which humans take advantage of by extracting the gas from the animals feeding pouch to use in their zeppelins. Contrary to the appearance of it's eternally frowning ogre-face, the Caravelle seems to be a very peaceful creature.

The Caravelle copyright Luiz Eduardo de Oliveira.
Having a lot of new sketches to draw and color, I feel that I should include the new images on DA. I can also say that I got new fun equipment during Christmas break, I got a new scanner on christmas eve (which is compatible with my new computer), and my aunt bought on 2/1 an awesome set of 100 fibracolor (the pens comes in several nuances and the pen tips are large enough to fill large areas in short time). So when new pieces of art comes, they will look a little bit different.
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Celldweller - Wishing Upon A Blackstar
  • Reading: Embassytown
  • Watching: The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Playing: Castlevania
  • Eating: Yoghurt with mom´s home-made Müsli and
  • Drinking: Orange Juice


Tektalox's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I am a normal (or maybe not so normal) guy who loves monsters, aliens, bizarre biology, anthropomorphic/funny animals and weird/dark things.
With these interests, I use my imagination and drawing skills to produce weird creatures and cute/ funny/cool-looking anthro-animals. As all people have ambitions, I have my own ambitions about my creativity.
When I am in the mood, I always try to think outside-the-box when I´m going to design some creatures. I always try to create the most mind-blowingly bizarre biologies, morphologies, psychologies ever when I’m designing aliens (I am sick of those anthropomorphic imagination-lacking humanoids) and regarding monsters/creatures I just want to make them look as strange and cool as possible.

Higher ambitions is world-building a science-fiction “universe”. I have tried many different stories/settings but my current vision is “Worlds”. It is about how the Terrans (earthlings) had spread beyond their solar system and created/terraformed several worlds and colonized them. These worlds are very diverse as they (thanks to genetic/biological engineering) are populated by many different creatures and sophonts which have adapted to each world’s specific conditions. Even if I have humans in my universe, I focus more on the uplifted animals and splices they have created (I LOVE anthros). “Worlds” is supposed to be “hard sci-fi” but as I want to give my universe a more fantastic fantasy-feeling, I incorporate magic/paranormal elements and turn them into (more or less) plausible sci-fi stuff. These things include transapient “deities”, mind-uploaded “ghosts” and nanotech-based telepathy.
The purpose with “Worlds” is creating a universe that is not like most other sci-fi worlds, a place that is bizarre and fantastic as it is intriguing with its many concepts and diverse worlds and beings.

Writing lyrics is another project I have. Listening to electronic music all day (it is like drugs to me); I want to create my own awesome music to fill my own and other people’s ears. But before I can produce music, I practice with writing song lyrics (and rhyming when I am in the mood). When it is about the theme of my songs, it is dark and aggressive but I hope that I eventually will write something light-hearted and not so very dark. Currently I am influenced/inspired by the beautiful synth melodies and spooky-ness of “God Module”, the gloomy haunting atmosphere of “Grendel’s” first album, the aggressive awesomeness of “Imperative Reaction’s” three latest albums, rock like “Powerman 5000”, twisted psytrance like “Xenomorph” and Metroid soundtracks.

Favourite movie/TV character: The Grinch played by Jim Carrey, Preed from "Titan A.E", Lampy and Radio, Donnie Darko and Frank, Nostalgia Critic, Morph and Chas, Rick Sanchez.

Personal Quote: Of all known monsters of this universe, MAN is the worst one on Earth!

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